Paleo Challenge!

Announcing the CrossFit RBP Paleo Challenge

Start Day: Monday, January 13th at dawn
End Day: Saturday, February 22nd at dusk
Cost: $20 (this will fund the prizes and post party)

Save the dates:
Paleo Potluck: Saturday 2/1, details TBD.
Finishing Party: Saturday 3/1, details TBD.

During the first week of this challenge, and immediately upon the finish, everyone must complete the following baseline tasks:

Pictures: 3 full body photos, front, back and side views. Wear form fitting workout attire that shows your figure. Try hard to repeat the same environment on your finishing pictures.

Upper arm – bicep area, largest measurement.
Waist – taken around belly button
Thigh – largest area
Men: chest around nipple line
Women: hips

Baseline workouts:

  • 1 minute max burpees
  • 500 Meter row
  • Max strict pullups. (keep a consistent band or ring position for both tests).

Email all of this information to during the first week, and again after the finish.

You must keep a daily nutrition log that records how compliant you were according to the standards below. This can be online, or in your WOD journal, or anywhere. At a minimum you must write down at least one word describing your day (good, better, best, ninja), alternatively, “not good” is also an answer. As a bonus, you can write as much as you like. The more details the better. A narrative on how you’re feeling is also pretty cool.

You must check in with a coach weekly.

Paleo Challenge Standards:

Good – Eliminate wheat, rye and barley, high fructose corn syrup. Alcohol in moderation only, choosing clear spirits or wine.

Better – Eliminate dairy and artificial sweeteners. Plan every meal around an animal protein source. Supplement with Fish Oil (start with a dosage of 1 gram during each meal).

Best – Eliminate: all grains, legumes (including all forms of soy), regular [white] potatoes, vegetable and seed oils. Sleep 8 hours every night. Consume sweet potato after your wod.

Ninja – Eliminate: preservatives, processed foods, all [sneaky] forms of sugar, alcohol, Juice (fruit & vegetable, we want you eating whole foods). No Paleo-ifying baked goods, desserts, or junk foods. Optimize your pre & post workout nutrition (this may include some paleo exceptions). Drink half your body weight (pounds) in ounces of water. Use The Zone (or another similar method) to determine and track your macro-nutrient requirements. Purchase naturally raised meats from CSA’s or Farmers markets. Tune your supplements to exactly what you need. Understand every ingredient you put into your body.

Monk – give away all your possessions, live in the forest, eat only what you (or your tribe) can hunt & gather.
Note – Obviously we don’t want to encourage monk-like behavior. But it’s sometimes tempting to be too strict on your nutrition. This is a reminder not to be a Paleo Monk. Remember to socialize, find a nutritional balance that works for you. The Paleo Diet is NOT a reenactment!


  • The only form of dairy allowed is clarified butter / ghee.
  • Green beans, sugar snap peas and snow peas are all acceptable legumes.
  • Pre & Post workout nutrition may have sugars and dairy (whey protein), or juices. Experiment here, this is very individual.
  • For the athlete doing more than one workout a day. If you are following the “Best” or the “Ninja” paleo levels, you should add additional carbohydrates to your diet. Look to white rice first, then other rice, then quinoa. Also you should strongly consider taking in some simple sugars immediately after your workouts. This could be coconut water, fruit juice, or even some Gatorade.

Tip: just like working out, consistency is the key to your nutrition. One “Ninja” day of eating does not make up for 10 days of “not good”.

Remember to post your goto Paleo meals in the comments below. Share how you’re doing and provide encouragement in the box and on the Facebook forum.

We have a lot more resources to share and discuss. Please ask lots of questions!

Paleo Menu

7 thoughts on “Paleo Challenge!

  1. ok and we’re off!
    Day 1 better/best (no post wod sweet potato)
    breakfast: Egg whites with avocado and spinach seasoned with hot sauce, 20 oz h2o, iced coffee black
    lunch: slow cooker salsa chicken, 1 cups assorted berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry) 16.9 oz agua
    snack: banana, 16.9 oz water, iced coffee black
    snack: 1/4 cup cashews
    pre-wod: strict presses 4 rounds at 135# 1 round at 95#, 40# dumb bell rows
    wod: Jackie 11:31, post wod protein shake
    dinner: turkey chili, 28 oz wata
    in board numbers to be determined over next couple days!
    lets go people, push each other

  2. Day 1 Better/Best – Breakfast: 2 eggs w/ mushrooms & spinach, 2 slices bacon, FOx2, MV Mid Morn: coffee, black Lunch: pork sausage, spinach salad, FOx2 Afternoon Snack: carrots Dinner: hamburger, mixed greens, onions, guac, FOx2 Snack: 1 slice bacon, almonds (handful).

    No WOD, No sweet potato
    All meat and eggs are either from my CSA or Whole Foods.
    FO = fish oil
    MV = multi-vitamin

  3. Day 2 good then not so good
    Breakfast: egg whites with red jalapeno 20 oz water, fish oil, ice coffee black
    Lunch: slow cooker salsa chicken, assorted berries, 16.9 oz water
    Snack: banana thats the good, now the not so good
    No wod
    Dinner : went to a fundraiser for feed the children, menu included, sarachi shrimp with soy grits and collard greens, short ribs, and quail with waffles and pecan sauce fois gras syrup. Hell it was delicious and for a good cause. Back at it complketely tomorrow!

  4. Day 3 Back at it; better
    Breakfast: egg whites with avocado, 20 oz water fish oil ice coffee black
    Lunch: 1/2 rotisserie chicken, spinach salad 20 oz water
    snack 1/4 cup homemade trail mix ( walnuts, almonds cashews, organic raisins, organic dried cranberries) yum
    strength; front squats 6-8 @ 193# shoulder thingies with the dumb bell that don’t work with y lack of mobility
    Wod: 10,9,8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 KBS with 53# 2:30 ( ok so it wasn’t that fast, but it was much faster than i thought it was going to be)
    After burner: 4x 150 rows :35, ;30, ;30, :30

  5. Day 4 better
    Breakfast: Egg whites with spinach, avocado AND TABASCO (thanx Anna) 20 oz water, ice coffee black
    Lunch: turkey Chili, assorted berries, 16.9 oz water
    snack: cashews 16.9 more ounces water
    strength: 3 part jerks 6 rounds @ 115#
    Wod: 4 RFT 5 up and back runs, 10 power cleans @125#, 20 air squats 16:31?? it sucked
    post wod protein shake
    Dinner: spinach salad, slow cooker salsa chicken, 20 oz water
    snack: 1/2 cup my trail mix
    let’s go people, start posting!!!!

  6. Okay guys… here is what I have so far!!! looks like Ashley and Papa Schurk have been eating really nice meals, i have been kinda boring but plan on spicing things up about this weekend and next week!! Here is my blog from Monday thru Friday!
    Paleo Challenge Blog

    Initial Weight 182 lbs.
    Waist 37” Bicep 14” Chest 41” Thigh 24.5”
    500m Row-1:48 Strict Pullups-7 Burpees-TBD

    Week Monday 13 Jan – Sunday 19 Jan (182 lbs)
    Monday (Best)
    3 scrambled eggs
    3 sausage patties
    1 banana
    black coffee
    Wod Completed
    Tuesday (Best)
    3 hard boiled eggs
    1 banana
    black coffee
    2 turkey burger patties
    bag of frozen mixed veggies
    Apple, banana
    Steak Tips
    Steamed Broccoli

    Cheat two jolly ranchers!
    Wednesday (Better/Good)
    Bowl of oatmeal with protein mixed in (bad)
    Black coffee
    Salad with 2 grilled Chx breasts
    Slice of avocado
    Homemade turkey pot pie serving (bad)
    Scoop of mashed potato
    Scoop of mashed sweet potato

    Cheat two jolly ranchers! Did not have meals planned for today and was stuck at work for dinner.
    Thursday (Better/Good)
    3 scrambled eggs with turkey slices
    3 sausage patties
    bowl of fresh fruit
    Small portion of trail mix
    Chicken breast grilled
    Tiny portion of white rice (I know… I know!!)
    Sliced melon and grapes
    Two California rolls

    Wod Completed
    Friday (Best/Better)
    One egg over hard, three strips of bacon, 1 banana
    Black coffee
    Chicken Caesar Salad
    Snack (night)
    Trail Mix Serving
    Cucumber slices
    Small Chinese soup with tofu (homemade)


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