Paleo Challenge!

Announcing the CrossFit RBP Paleo Challenge

Start Day: Monday, October 20th at dawn

End Day: Friday, November 21st at dusk

Requirements: During the first week of this challenge, and immediately upon the finish, everyone must complete the following baseline tasks:

  • Pictures: 3 full body photos, front, back and side views. Wear form fitting workout attire that shows your figure. Try hard to repeat the same environment on your finishing pictures.
  • Workout test: 1,000 meter row
  • You must keep a daily nutrition log that records how compliant you were according to the standards below. This can be online, or in your WOD journal, or anywhere. At a minimum you must write down at least one word describing your day (good, better, best), alternatively, “not good” is also an answer. As a bonus, you can write as much as you like. The more details the better. A narrative on how you’re feeling is also pretty cool.

There is no requirement to send your pictures or log in. We want you to review them on your own. Also there is no buy-in for this challenge. We want everyone to participate, and hope to be giving out lots of recognition and accolades when it’s completed.

Check in with a coach often.

Paleo Challenge Standards:

Good – Eliminate wheat, rye and barley, high fructose corn syrup. Alcohol in moderation only, choosing clear spirits or wine.

Better – Eliminate dairy and artificial sweeteners. Plan every meal around an animal protein source. Supplement with Fish Oil (start with a dosage of 1 gram during each meal).

Best – Eliminate: all grains, legumes (including all forms of soy), vegetable and seed oils. Sleep 8 hours every night. Eat most of your carbs after your wod. Drink half your body weight (pounds) in ounces of water.


  • The only form of dairy allowed is clarified butter / ghee.
  • Green beans, sugar snap peas and snow peas are all acceptable legumes.
  • Pre & Post workout nutrition may have sugars and dairy (whey protein), or juices. Experiment here, this is very individual.
  • For the athlete doing more than one workout a day, you should consider adding additional carbohydrates to your diet (rice, quinoa, oats). Also you should strongly consider taking in some simple sugars immediately after your workouts. This could be coconut water, fruit juice, or even some Gatorade.

Tip: just like working out, consistency is the key to your nutrition. One “Best” day of eating does not make up for 10 days of “not good”.

Look for more resources posted in the gym!


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