At CrossFit RBP we are very experienced on how to best teach the CrossFit movements and terminology. It’s very applicable and encouraged for anyone new to CrossFit, regardless of current or past fitness level. This is designed to get you exposed to the most common movements we regularly perform, with the goal of preparing you for group classes. This course is not a firm requirement, but strongly encouraged. You should talk to a coach to help make that decision.

On Ramp Objectives:

  • Witness in-person movement demonstrations
  • Perform all movements (to the best of your abilities)
  • Receive individual feedback on your movement performance
  • Experience a quick high-intensity workout with these movements
  • Safely and confidently enter group CrossFit classes

Note – Some movements may take weeks/months/years to master. We will always perform movement instruction in every class.


Personal Training On Ramp:

Five, 30 minute One-on-One sessions. Scheduled at your convenience, you may also bring a friend (save 25%). Register to get started soon.

Cost: $200

Contact Us with any questions.


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