Starting Strength, hosted at CrossFit RBP

This class is a comprehensive program to get you as strong as possible, as quickly as possible. Operating under the guidance of Noah Milstein, New England’s first and only Starting Strength coach.

Why Strength?

Strength is the most important aspect of one’s physical existence and is the predicate of all physical performance. A lack of Strength compromises both athletic performance and the quality of life as we age. Conversely, strength predicts both longevity and athletic performance.

Why Starting Strength?

Starting Strength is a methodology derived from an analysis of first principles and tested over thousands of hours of coaching. It is the only method that explicitly accounts for the operations of physics and as specifically applied to human movement under the barbell; this is coupled with an understanding of the biological mechanisms of adaptation via stress and recovery (namely: Selye’s general adaptation syndrome). Starting Strength is not a list of new exercises, a particular program, or any such fad, it is merely the name we have given to the method of optimal strength training that falls out of an understanding of rational analysis of the constraints of the laws of nature.

Why barbells?

Barbell training is loaded, natural human movement. We employs barbells because those are the most efficient tools to this end both because of their capacity to elicit adaptation and their ability to titrate loading; simply put, this is what works best, bar none (see what I did there?). The Starting Strength method makes use of the most basic movement patterns that work the entire body as a coordinated system, gradually increasing loads to make the whole body stronger, in a logical, understandable, time-tested manner, and progressive manner – the way all athletes have gotten stronger for millennia, since Milo of Croton.

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