Joe owner of CrossFit RBP


Joe is the Owner and Head Coach here at CrossFit RBP. His athletic background started during his youth as a multi-sport athlete, with Lacrosse being the main sport through College. Joe started his fitness career as a full time personal trainer / fitness manager for The Boston Sports Club. He found CrossFit at CrossFit New England and was hooked. He soon moved to Crossfit Woburn, where he became the head coach in 2012. After years of great success at CF Woburn, Joe moved once again to take over and continue to grow the CrossFit RBP community.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Level 2 NASM CPT TPI Certified KettleBell Concepts (KBC)

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OUR coaches

Rachael Patrizzi


Rachael found Crossfit in 2013 and has been a coach for over 7 years now! Rachael fell in love with the competitive side of CrossFit but quickly fell in love with helping others unlock their fullest potential. She later went on to pursue a nutrition career and now enjoys pairing both nutrition and CrossFit to further enhance one's performance.

Rachaels focus is to put forward positivity and encouragement within the community.

CrossFit Level 1&2
WAG Certified Nutrition Coach

Marbelk coach at CrossFit RBP



Marbelk started coaching while earning his B.S. in Sports Movement Science at Salem State University he is currently a CrossFit L1 coach and is passionate about helping people increase their functional fitness and achieving their goals.

Mark Beltran


Mark has been around in the CrossFit community for 5 plus years. He decided to pursue his dreams of helping people achieving his goals as he did when he was pushing 300 pounds. He found CrossFit and never looked back. Mark is also a trained professional wrestler, trained by former WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

At the height of the pandemic he moved to Everett aligning the stars and began pursuing his dream of getting athletes reaching the fitness goals.

Precision Nutrition Level 1
CrossFit Level 1
Black and Brave Wrestling Academy Graduate



Coach Cari fell in love with CrossFit in 2017 (late to the party, she knows, better late than never!), and has never looked back! She holds the CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Level 2 and the Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 1, and coaches both youth and adult crossfit classes. She also coaches at the Phoenix in Boston. By day, Cari is a public school teacher in the city of Everett. Nothing fires her up more than teaching and coaching! She is also a die hard metal fan. 🤘🤘



Crossfit has been an unbroken part of Coach Doug's life since his first visit to a box in 2013. He's passionate about empowering kids to overcome life's challenges with strength, skill, and a winning attitude. His kids' programs at Crossfit RBP strive to inspire lifelong relationships with fitness and wellbeing through continuous progress and lots of fun and encouragement.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, CPR/AED/First Aid

Glennith Capone


Glennith was introduced to Crossfit after looking for a way to crosstrain in the summers during her collegiate athletic career. Once moving to Boston, she wanted to make Crossfit a larger part of her life and went to take her L1 Certification. She was able to intern and eventually become a coach at a local gym in Boston and knew that it was a great fit for her passions.

She has 2 years of coaching experience under her belt and has coached not only at local affiliates but also at MIT, the German International School, and other businesses.

Glennith loves coaching because she is always looking to help people get 1% better every day. She loves being able to have a community that supports one another and it is what makes coaching so rewarding.

Matt Sullivan


Matt joined his first CrossFit gym in 2019, looking for a new fitness experience that would keep him coming back. After becoming enamored with the community and the goal of constant improvement, he earned his L1 and began coaching. He finds it rewarding to see newer athletes grow and improve and is honored to be a part of their fitness journey. During the day, he is a professor of microbiology at Quincy College and is eager to translate his years of teaching experience into coaching

Brendan coach at CrossFit RBP

Brendan Conroy


Brendan first started Crossfit in 2014, shortly after finding himself needing to shop in the husky section of a local department store. Having been a sub-par athlete his entire life he did not have high hopes about the supposed fitness fad, but to his surprise he saw noticeable results after only a few weeks of classes.

Though he ended up losing weight (and he now shops in the normal section of the department store), what’s most important to Brendan is what he has gained since starting Crossfit-friends, an appreciation and love of fitness and incredibly calloused hands.

Coach B, as he is colloquially known around the gym, loves running, pull-ups, rope climbs, telling bad dad jokes to a captive audience and lying on the floor motionless after a good workout. He dislikes thrusters, deadlifts, bad attitudes and being called Brandon.

Jon Foley coach at CrossFit RBP

Jon Foley


CrossFit L1, StrongFirst SFG1
It all started many moons ago when my now wife told me I had to join her at the gym b/c she wanted to lose a few pounds. I found that endorphin rush for myself and proceeded to drop about 75 pounds. After a few different jumps along the way, I found myself starting CrossFit in 2018 (also at my wife's urging) and ultimately coaching in 2019.

I believe that our pursuit of strength has a greater purpose. By understanding the determination, discipline and resilience we apply to our strength practice, we can also apply those same lessons to our day to day. Coaching allows me to utilize the lessons I’ve learned in my own pursuit of strength to help others find their own path and grow as individuals.

Steve Albert coach at CrossFit RBP

Steve Albert


I started CrossFit at RBP in August 2020 as a way to meet new people and get back into shape. Growing up, I was captain of my high school soccer and indoor & outdoor track teams my senior year...but decided in college to just play sports recreationally. That is also when I started to lift weights & get more interested in fitness. I majored in business/marketing from The University of Connecticut.

I became a CrossFit L1 Trainer in October 2021, and I have also received a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I didn’t really know what to expect when starting CrossFit, but I knew after moving up to Boston and falling out of my usual workout routine, that health & fitness was a big part of my life that I didn’t want to give up as I got older. Little did I know 2 years later, I would be at RBP 5-6 days a week and competing in my first CrossFit comp at the Southie Showdown!

At RBP, I knew right away after my first week or so of intense workouts that I’d never experienced anything like this before and I was hooked! I’m excited to not only keep my journey moving forward as an athlete, but to also help newcomers along the way as a coach.

In my free time, I enjoy pretty much anything active & being outdoors. I probably watch too much TV, and also enjoy a night out with family/friends, drinks, and food…or a night in with wine & board games. I’m definitely on the quieter side at first, but I’m really just a goofball at heart and want to help people live happy & healthy lives.

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